School Holidays…So What Are My childcare Options?

For working parents, a child being at school for the duration of the day means that their childcare is covered. However, the dilemma for a lot of parents is what to do during the school holidays – who will care for the kids? Childcare options can range from being relatively cheap, to ending up being a costly affair. There are a number of options available to parents:


This is a time when families step in and help out where they can. It’s a great opportunity for family members in particular grandparents to spend quality time with the grandkids as they may not get the chance during term time. It’s a cost effective option for many families and a popular option for many.

Hiring a temporary nanny

In recent years, more parents are opting for paid 1-2-1 childcare at home through the means of hiring a temporary nanny during the holidays. As with a permanent nanny, families would still meet and interview nannies prior to offering them the role. Using a professional nanny agency who have interviewed and vetted the nannies fully, ensures that families are meeting with high calibre, childcare professionals. Nannies would care for the children at the family’s home, take the children out on day trips, take the children to any of their sports activities during the week etc. Nannies would cook and prepare the children’s meals as well ensure that the home is tidy and well maintained. Nannies allow parents the flexibility of arranging childcare to their specific needs.

School holiday activity camps

The concept of holiday camps originates from the US, however tend to be more day camps rather than overnight stays. Summer camps can be either on a specific topic e.g. science camp, football camp etc or a generic camp which covers a range of activities during the day. Lunch is usually provided in the price. They allow children the opportunity to meet with other kids on a daily basis plus allows them to learn new skills. It’s worth researching which camps are operating in your local area or speaking to other parents if they have any recommendations.


Local childminders are a huge asset and allow parents to drop off their children to a childminder and know that their child will be fully entertained. They provide all activities and work to a high standard ensuring that the children are doing age based activities, developing their skills. You can view all the registered childminders from your Local Authority website. Childminders do get booked up fast as the number of spaces available are limited, so it’s worth doing your reach early.

Manjit Shah, Director of Buttons Nanny Agency, May 2018