What is a Nanny Share?

A nanny share is when you and another family share the costs and responsibilities of employing a nanny. It’s a good option if you want to employ a nanny but can’t afford the expense on your own.

The nanny would be employed on a daily basis and would look after your child and another family’s child in either of your homes. This may be at the same time, or each family may have different hours. Another option is that the nanny may live with one family, but also care for other children within that home.

Nanny shares work best when the two families involved know each other, as its important that you can place trust with the other family and their home is a safe environment for you to send your children to. If you would like to enter into a nanny share but seek another family to join up with, then you can ask around amongst friends, local nanny agencies, playgroups, nurseries or children’s centres.

Advantages of a Nanny Share?

  • It provides your children with the best of both worlds, as your child is receiving near 1-2-1 care from a nanny but has other children around for company and play, from the comfort of a home setting.
  • You have the flexibility of having a nanny however with lower costs
  • You can also negotiate more flexible hours with a nanny if your working hours vary or if you work evenings or weekends.

Disadvantages of a Nanny Share?

  • You may have difficulty finding another family willing to do a nanny share. Or finding a family who shares the same views as you on issues such as discipline, meal plans, learning and development for the kids etc.
  • Planning and coordinating interviews can prove tricky and should be done with both families. You and the other family should both feel completely comfortable with the nanny you employ.
  • Nanny shares can be complicated in terms of your responsibilities as an employer.
  • Its important to spend time with the other family as you will need to work out how much to pay the nanny and what benefits you will offer. If you haven’t employed anyone before, you’ll also need to understand the law regarding tax and pensions.

How to Make a Nanny Share Work?

  • One parent will need to be the main contact point for the nanny, as this prevents confusion for the nanny.
  • Before you start looking for a nanny, you need to agree on how the arrangement will work with the other family. Where will the nanny and children be based? Split between two homes or based at one family’s home?
  • Once you have found the right nanny, you will need to have a contract drawn up between you (employers) and the nanny (employee). It will need to cover the arrangements, schedules of work, hours of work, salary, rates of pay etc to prevent any misunderstandings.

Manjit Shah, Director of Buttons Nanny Agency, July 2017