Nannies FAQ

You have to have the passion for childcare and it must be something you genuinely want to do. There are so many entry points into starting a career as a nanny, however to have a childcare qualification is important as it provides a foundation to your childcare learning. Having worked in a childcare setting is also important and to have worked with a range of different age groups opens you up to more opportunities.

If you want to get a nanny job and you have little or no nanny experience, then finding a job becomes that little bit harder. A new nanny has to make a few sacrifices when trying to build up their nanny Cv and it might mean taking on a role with a lower salary. Doing additional babysitting to help boost your CV or even doing some volunteer work at local kids clubs.  With all those roles, always get a reference from your employer as this will add to your portfolio.

It is not compulsory to be Ofsted registered and is something that families look for in nannies as some families may get childcare vouchers, therefore require an Ofsted registered nanny. The fee for an Ofsted registration is £103 and can be done by contact Ofsted directly.

All nannies need to have a valid Paediatric First Aid Certificate. Its ok if you are not working and it’s expired, but as soon as you have a job secured, then ahead of commencing a role you need to make sure you get renew your certificate. If you are an Ofsted registered nanny then you will need to find a First Aid provider that is Ofsted recognised.

All nannies need to have nanny insurance. This is called a Public Liability Insurance and what this means is that it covers you for all eventualities with the children in your care as you can be held legally liable. Even the smallest of accidents such as falling off the chair and sustaining a head injury. If you are considered to be responsible through negligence when the accident happened, you could find yourself having to front substantial damages