DBS & Ofsted Registration

DBS (formerly CRB) checks are essential for a nanny wanting to look after children in employment. If you are looking to renew your DBS or if you are a parent requiring a new DBS for your current nanny, then we can help you.

The Enhanced DBS check allows any future employer to go online and easily check to see whether your certificate is still valid.

What is an Enhanced DBS?

The Enhanced DBS carries out checks on the following:

  • Unspent Criminal convictions
  • Spent criminal convictions
  • Cautions, reprimands and final warnings
  • Inclusion on children’s’ lists
  • Inclusion on adults’ lists
  • Other relevant information held by police forces

New DBS Certificate

If you require a new Enhanced DBS certificate then we can carry out one for you. For nannies registered with Buttons we charge £60.00 to process your Enhanced DBS certificate. Payment is done via Bank transfer (require bank details). For more information contact us.

Documentation Required

In order to process the application we need to see the original copies of:

  1. Birth Certificate – with Mother’s maiden name on it
  2. Marriage Certificate if relevant
  3. Passport
  4. Driving licence
  5. Insurance Number
  6. Proof of address for the past five years and can be any of the following:
    • Mortgage Statement
    • Bank/ Building Society Statements (if you have these re-printed from the bank they will only reflect your current address)
    • Council Tax Statements
    • Credit Card Statements
    • Utility Bill in your name
    • Work Permit/ Visa (UK)
    • EU National ID Card

Both nannies and families need to be are the service can take up to 3 months – this depends on the time of year, the number of applications DBS have to go through etc, however we have had some instances a check being completed in a week! Please factor this in when This must be considered when applying for jobs.

Ofsted Registration

Ofsted registration is not a legal requirement for nannies. Many parents are now entitled to receive childcare vouchers through their workplace which entitles them to a tax free amount each month, therefore allowing them a substantial saving towards their childcare costs. Nannies are able to receive such vouchers or electronic payments as part of their salary as long as they are registered on the voluntary part of the Ofsted register.

How to Apply

To become Ofsted registered you need to apply directly through Ofsted. You can either telephone 0300 123 1231 and request the application forms to join the voluntary register or apply online by visiting www.ofsted.gov.uk

To become Ofsted registered, the nanny must have the following:

  • an enhanced DBS check
  • a minimum level 2 qualification in childcare or training in the common core skills (pdf)
  • a first aid qualification suitable for the ages of the children you will look after

When you start looking after children you’ll need to have public liability insurance.

There is a fee payable at the time of application. A continual fee is also payable yearly at renewal. You will also have to pay for the price of a new DBS check on the first application only. If a family have requested that you register, then they may be willing to cover the cost.

The registration process can take up to 12 weeks, so please factor that time in when applying for new jobs. For more information on the Ofsted requirements click here