Childcare Strategies for the Christmas Holidays

1. Plan Ahead
When events come up, we tend to pop them in the diary and think we will sort out provisions at a later date. WRONG. Christmas is the busiest time as good babysitters are in demand and get booked fast. As soon as you have your event confirmed its time to think of the options you have available and secure them in your diary.

2. Childcare Options
a. Family
Family are a great option as your children will be familiar with them, which gives you added peace of mind. It’s a low/no cost option which makes it appealing however you need to book in advance to ensure they can take care of your children at the specific date and time you require. Another issue is that for some, you may be time conscious and not want to stay out too late.

b. Babysitters
Babysitters are hugely in demand at this time of the year. If you find yourself in a situation with no childcare then hire a babysitter. If your usual babysitter is booked then, try calling friends who are also parents as they too will have a few trustworthy babysitters numbers handy. If this fails, then try contacting a babysitting or nanny agency as they can assist you in finding a qualified childcare professional. All nannies have valid police check (DBS) undertaken against themselves and have a valid Paediatric First Certificate in place. References can also be contacted and make sure you see such documentation for your personal assurance.

c. Playdates/Sleepover
If you have very good friends then sharing the childcare between two families is a great way of helping each other out. The children would know each other and feel comfortable at the prospect of staying at their friend’s house and you know the other family well to know the kids would be taken care off. It’s a low cost option and means you aren’t time pressed to return home at a set time. It does mean you have to return the favour and may end up having double the amount of children to care for at some point – but its all good fun and the kids would enjoy it.

Mrs Manjit Shah, Director of Buttons Nanny Agency, Dec 2018