Childcare Options for the Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are a time of year that all children look forward to, however for parents it can prove to be stressful, as you need to make provisions for alternative childcare. There are a number of options that are available, however do need to be booked in advance as in some cases places are limited.

Employing a nanny to cover the days you need childcare is very simple. A nanny can work to your schedule, from the comfort of your own home. They can take the children out for trips and excursion, do activities at home, as well as prepare meals and arrange bedtimes to your children’s routine. A nanny should have the relevant certificates and documentation ahead of employment and going through a nanny agency, ensures that this is taken care of.

Summer camps
Summer camps are a popular solution for parents, especially those for older children. They are usually based around a theme or sport and allow the children to learn a new skill, whilst making new friends. Times and prices differ for each camp so do some research beforehand.

If you are looking for a free childcare option, then parents and grandparents are the best option. The family know the schedule and the kids are taken care by people they know well. Parents have to juggle their own holiday allowance with their employer and in most case, leave won’t cover the entire school holidays. It can work in some cases, you just need to coordinate the diaries of all the family members involved.

Many nurseries offer childcare throughout the year for children up to 5 years old, covering all the school holidays. It’s a familiar setting for your child and you know the nursery staff well. Contact your nursery provider in advance to book your child’s place as they can be limited due to reduced staff numbers during these periods.

During term times, childminders are a lifesaver for working parents – even if they just making sure your kids get to and from school. Some registered childminders do continue to work during the summer holidays and offer the same level of care. You can obtain the list of all registered childminders in your area from your Local Authority website.

Mrs Manjit Shah,  Director of Buttons Nanny Agency