Buttons Nanny Agency Clients Registration Form

For Buttons Sutton Please fax back to 020 8395 0006 For Buttons London
Or mail to:
Buttons Nanny Agency, 189 Benhill Rd, Sutton, Surrey
Or mail to:
Buttons Nanny Agency,4 Framfield, London W7 1NH


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Tel. Mobile
Tel. Home (inc STD code)
Tel. Work (inc STD code)
Fax No.
Email Address
Type of Daily Nanny Required

Full Time Daily Part Time
Permanent Temporary
Sole Charge Not Sole Charge
Driver Essential Driver Not Important

Nursery Duties Yes No
Duration of booking if temp (4 wks minimum)
If part time, please specify the number of days required Number of Days required
If part time, please specify any particular days of the week that are essential
Are there any home workers or adults in the house during the daytime? Yes No
If yes pleas give details
Nanny car provided for use at work Yes No
Nanny car to take home Yes No
Car owner essential (mileage paid) Yes No
Number of children
Names and Ages of children at commencement (please indicate M male of F female)
Schools and nursery attended by the children
Childrens hobbies, interests and activities
Is there a new baby expected Yes No
Date Nanny required from
Could you wait for the right candidate to give 1 months notice Yes No
Hours of work required
Rates of pay 羚nt> Minimum Maximum
Per Month Per Week
Nett Gross
Have you had a nanny before Yes No
Is other help kept Yes No
If yes please give details
Clients Occupation Male
Do you have any pets? If yes please give details
How did you hear about Buttons?
Additional Information
I have read and agree with Buttons Nanny Agency's Terms of Business  


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